Block Print Skirt Sparkle

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Beautiful Tribal Belly dance 4 tier Block print Skirt 
100 % cotton
25 yards and 35 yards circumference
elastic stretch waist 28"-52"
Available in S 34", M 36", L 38", XL 40", XXL 42" (lengths are from top of band to hem)
The description SPARKLE is not related to the skirt means it has no sparkling stones on it ! 
If you wish to add stones it will cost extra 15$ can email us if you want to add stones on it .
BLOCK PRINT: Wooden blocks are carved by hand and used to print patterns on cotton. Often natural/vegetable dyes are used. Generally these prints are color fast if the garment is washed cool. Will shrink a small amount if tumbled dry. Air dry usually is best. Always wash first by hand to check for color  runoff.  If you choose to wash by machine, color will fade faster.



A must HAve!!!!